Tapp 2 Twist tap water filtering system

It eliminates unpleasant taste and smell. Filters chlorine, microplastics, metals and pesticides.Full description

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Filtro de agua para grifos Tapp 2 Twist es un sistema que filtra el agua del grifo que elimina las impurezas y el mal sabor del agua haciéndola ideal para beber y cocinar. El cartucho de carbono activado está elaborado a base de cáscaras de coco orgánico y elimina partículas e impurezas de hasta 1-2 μm (micras) como el cloro, arena, óxido, nitratos, bacterias, pesticidas y herbicidas, a su vez mantiene minerales como el calcio, magnesio y potasio.

By switching from bottled water to the Tapp 2 Twist filtering system, you will reduce your consumption of single use plastic drastically. On average you will generate 40 times less CO2, as a single cartridge filters 1.200 litres of water which equals 800 plastic 1,5 litre bottles. The filter is very easily switched on and off, allowing to use unfiltered water whenever needed.

The filter is compatible with 95% of standard taps, nevertheless please check the infographic to see if your tap is compatible.

  • Instant tasty filtered water
  • Eliminate water contaminants
  • Avoid buying water in plastic bottles
  • One cartridge included, filter up to 1200 litres of water
  • Cartridge duration 3 months of use
  • Easy to install


Please allow 2-3 days for delivery to Spain and Portugal, 3-5 days to the rest of the European Union and the United Kingdom. Delivery to the rest of the world is unavailable, sorry.

If your order is not delivered by the estimated delivery time, please contact our friendly customer service for assistance. You will have a reply within 48h.

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